Thursday, March 7, 2013

Super Sheridan Brothers :D

Some mini game designs I did just for fun :P

Character design based on me and my other friends. With Reina, Elaine, and Luke   
Stage 1: the quest!

Story Line:
King Titmouse was kidnapped by strange boss~
and we gonna take it back
Stage2: The Galaxy Not Too Far Away!
Story Line: meh..just fight the robots :P

Damon: Damon Bot.
Aaron: AAron Bot.
Contrail: Contrail Bot.
Mike: Mike Bot.
Davie: David Bot.
Derek: Derek Bot.
Moises: Moises Bot.
Stage3: Village of the Drunks
Story Line: Partying up with unusual friendly villagers. BUT...r they REALLY?....(to be continued)..heehee

Trevor: Trevisky
Rico: Ricotch
Will: Willcardi
Chase: Chaivas Regal
Angelo: Angeloute Vodka
Ron: Rohnnie Walker
Diego: Jack Dienigo's
Stage4: Betrayal of the Drunks!
Story Line: OH NOSE! those friendly villagers turns out to be enemies!!They stole all the weapons and took off!! DunDunDun!!!

(to be continued~~~

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